Quick Answer: Is Insurance Group 8 Expensive?

Is 16e a high insurance group?

Cars in Insurance group 16 offer good value but there are plenty of other factors that come into play like a driver’s age, history and habits.

Where your car sits in the group ranking by Thatcham Research depends on its value, power, safety, security features and potential repair costs..

Is Insurance Group 43 expensive?

What does car insurance group 43 mean? Cars in insurance group 43 lead to high-range insurance premiums. Those vehicles have large engines and high performances on the road (top speed, acceleration etc. ). They therefore cost much more to repair for insurance companies when they are involved in accidents.

Which Insurance Group is the cheapest?

Every car belongs to one of 50 car insurance groups, which band cars from the cheapest to the most expensive to insure. It starts with group one (the cheapest) and ends with group 50 (the most expensive) – and the more powerful, expensive and rarer your car, the higher the group it will be in.

Is an Audi a1 a good first car?

Audi A1. The A1 is the entry-level Audi. … It is merely a small Audi, and therefore still offers a sought-after overall driving experience. Interior quality is excellent and with plenty of trim levels and engine options, a used Audi A1 is a great example of a premium first car.

Is Insurance Group 19 expensive?

Insurance group numbers run from 1 to 50, with 1 generally the cheapest to insure. Cars in group 19 tend to have mid-range premiums, but of course there are plenty of other factors that come into play when it comes to calculating the cost of car insurance, like a driver’s age, history and habits.

Is insurance group 10 good or bad?

Which cars are in car insurance group 10? Insurance group numbers run from 1 to 50, with 1 generally the cheapest to insure and 50 the most expensive. Cars in group 10 are at the cheaper end of the scale, but the overall cost of your insurance premium is also decided by your age, driving history and habits.

Is insurance group 33e high?

Cars in insurance group 33 are at the mid-high part of the scale in terms of insurance bills. Powerful SUV, or top family carriers may be in those insurance categories.

Does insurance group affect price?

Every car in the UK is added to an “insurance group”. The insurance group of your car is one of the things insurers look at when working out the price of your car insurance policy. The higher the car insurance group, the more it adds to the price of your car insurance. That’s the general rule.

What does the E mean in insurance groups?

vehicle exceeds requirementsThe higher the group, the more security features the car should have. … ‘E’ means the vehicle exceeds requirements for a car of its type and so its rating has been reduced (eg a Group 6 car could exceed the security standard for its group, so is rated at Group 5E) ‘A’ means acceptable.

Is insurance group 15e expensive?

So, insurance group 15 cars tend to be mid-range when it comes to insurance costs. There are 50 car insurance groups and generally, the lower the number the cheaper the insurance. Groups are based on your car’s power, value, security and repair costs.

What cars are in the lowest insurance group?

What is the cheapest car to insure?Hyundai i10. … SEAT Ibiza. … Nissan Micra. … Ford Ka+ … Toyota Yaris. … Smart Forfour. … Skoda Citigo. The Skoda Citigo is in car insurance group 1 as a result of its low price and solid engineering. … Kia Rio. The Kia Rio is a cheap car to insure for small families, with models starting in group 1.More items…

Which is the most expensive insurance group?

Car insurance groups are broadly set by The Group Rating Panel and administered by Thatcham Research. These insurance groups range from group 1 (the cheapest cars to insure), all the way up to group 50 (the most expensive).

Is insurance group 22e expensive?

Cars in insurance group 22 are moving towards the most expensive part of the scale in terms of insurance premiums. Indeed, cars in insurance category 22 are more powerful and expensive. Pieces are more difficult to find when the car is damaged and repairing costs are often higher.

Is Insurance Group 40 expensive?

Cars in insurance group 40 are usually characterised by: Expensive to source parts and repairs. Market value is on the higher side. Larger more powerful engines.

What is the cheapest car to insure?

10 best cheapest cars to insure (2021)Volkswagen Polo.Hyundai i10.Volkswagen Up.Skoda Citigo.SEAT Mii.SEAT Ibiza.Renault Clio.Skoda Fabia.More items…•