Quick Answer: How Do You Know If An Answer Is Extraneous?

When should you check for extraneous solutions?

You only need to worry about the extraneous root in the case of a quadratic equation if you made the equation quadratic by multiplying by a variable.

Any time you square a negative number or a variable (which may be negative), you risk losing information by making it positive..

What does extraneous mean?

1 : existing on or coming from the outside extraneous light. 2a : not forming an essential or vital part extraneous ornamentation.

What makes an extraneous solution?

In mathematics, an extraneous solution (or spurious solution) is a solution, such as that to an equation, that emerges from the process of solving the problem but is not a valid solution to the problem.

What is the difference between extraneous and non extraneous?

Extraneous solutions are not solutions at all. They arise from outside the problem, from the method of solution. They are extraneous because they are not solutions of the original problem. … To tell if a “solution” is extraneous you need to go back to the original problem and check to see if it is actually a solution.

How do you tell if it’s an extraneous solution?

Plug in your solution back into the original equation. If it shows a false meaning (e.g 2=3) or if the value is undefined (n/0), then it’s extraneous.

How do you know if a solution is extraneous or extraneous?

To determine if a solution is extraneous, we simply plug the solution into the original equation. If it makes a true statement, then it is not an…