Question: Is Persepolis Based On A True Story?

Why did Marjane write Persepolis?

Marjane Satrapi wrote Persepolis as a memoir of her life growing up in Iran in order to unfold details of the normal life she had experienced..

Why did Marjane leave Iran?

After a few years back in Iran, Marjane realizes that she has to leave again. Her parents and grandma want her to live her life to the fullest, and there is no way for an independent woman to do that in Iran. Marjane makes the sacrifice of leaving her family behind in order to forge ahead with her own life.

Who is the audience for Persepolis?

Her story is solely intended for a Western audience. Satrapi enlightens the world on her truth by adroitly telling her story through the lens of a young girl which in turn, limits how truthful she can be; as if the whole truth would be too much, too real, too hard to handle if it was told in a more accurate manner.

Why does the narrator compare the wait for her father to come home to the same silence as before a storm?

3. Why does the narrator compare the wait for her father to come home to “the same silence as before a storm”? She thinks something bad has happened to him that will be revealed soon.

What are the main themes of Persepolis?

Persepolis ThemesReligion, Repression, and Modernity. … Nationalism, Heroism, and Martyrdom. … Violence, Forgiveness, and Justice. … Children, War, and Growing Up. … The Personal vs. … Gender.

What is the argument of Persepolis?

Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis argues that faith is often a fickle thing that will not stand in the face of adversity. Of all the things we discover about Marji early on in the book, it’s her imagination that stands out the most.

Did Marjane Satrapi illustrate Persepolis?

Persepolis is an autobiographical series of bande dessinées (French comics) by Marjane Satrapi that depicts her childhood up to her early adult years in Iran and Austria during and after the Islamic Revolution. Persepolis was written in 2000 and Persepolis 2 was written in 2004. …

Why is Persepolis banned?

There was initial speculation that the book was being banned from all school libraries because its negative portrayal of the thuggish fundamentalist Iranian regime was somehow Islamophobic or insensitive to Mulsim students.

Is Persepolis Banned in Iran?

In 2014 Persepolis was the second most challenged book on the American Library Association’s list of frequently challenged books. The book and film is banned in Iran, and the film was temporarily banned in Lebanon, but the ban was rescinded due to public outrage.

What happened to Marji’s mom at the end of Persepolis?

By Marjane Satrapi After Neda’s death, Marji becomes even more rebellious. She hits the principal and gets expelled; and then she gets into trouble at her new school. … When Marji turns around to watch them leave, she sees that her mother has fainted, and that her dad is carrying her from the airport.

How old is Marjane at the end of Persepolis?

approximately 25 years oldAt the end of Persepolis, Marjane is approximately 25 years old.

Why is Persepolis in French?

I wrote Persepolis in French because I have been living in France for many years. We recorded the voices prior to production for animators to be able to follow actors playing, they needed to perfectly understand the dialogue, which would not have been possible if the film had been in another language.

What is Persepolis based on?

Persepolis is a 2007 animated biographical drama film based upon the Marjane Satrapi autobiographical graphic novel of the same name. It was written and directed by Satrapi in collaboration with Vincent Paronnaud. The story follows a young girl as she comes of age against the backdrop of the Iranian Revolution.

Is Persepolis fiction or nonfiction?

(Persepolis #1-2) Wise, funny, and heartbreaking, Persepolis is Marjane Satrapi’s memoir of growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution.

What religion does Marji follow?

Although Marji, the author’s autobiographical version of herself, is privately religious as a girl, the Islamic Revolution, which was an intense religious reform movement in Iran in 1979 in which Islamic extremists took over the government from the shah, forces her and her family to change their way of life by adhering …

How old is Marji at the end of Persepolis?

Marji isn’t your typical 10 year old. She has a close relationship with God and believes she is destined to be a prophet.

Why do Marji’s parents send her away?

Marjane’s parents sent her to Austria because they wanted her to get a good French education. They see education as the only way for Marjane to escape her situation and have a bright future. … After Neda’s death, Marji becomes even more rebellious.

Why does Marjane’s mother slap the maid?

Marjane has a maid named Mehri. Mehri’s parents had given Mehri to the Satrapi’s as a child because they had too many children to feed. … When Marjane’s mother finds out, she slaps both her and Mehri for putting themselves in such a difficult situation.