How Long Does It Take To Inflate A Bouncy Castle?

How do you get water out of a bouncy castle?

DRAIN WATER FROM MAIN POOLIf possible tip inflatable, while inflated, so all the water runs out of the pool.If this is impossible, shut off the blower, and allow the unit to deflate to drain.Once all the water is out of the main pool, re-inflate it, and tie off any air outlets..

Is bouncy castle hire a good business?

Hiring out bouncy castles and inflatables is a really great business to be in either full time or part time, and the rewards can be high. As well as the “fun factor”, i.e. delighting children, and their parents, or adults, at an adult party, the monetary rewards and cash-flow can be excellent.

How dangerous are bounce houses?

Risk of Injury and Bounce Houses CNN Health reported that the rise is due to the rise in popularity of bounce houses in the U.S. More than one third of injuries in bounce houses occurred in children under age five. Some of the risks include: Arm and leg injuries. Head and neck injuries.

Can you have a bouncy castle in the rain?

Children are safe to continue to use the castle in very light rain as long as measures are taken to keep the front step of the inflatable and safety mats dry and that the children take extra care when getting on and off the castle.

How much does a moon bounce cost?

Bounce house rental companies prefer to rent out their equipment in blocks of time ranging from 4 to 8 hours. Larger bounces houses or moon bounces with inflatable slides can easily cost up to $500 to rent for the day….Bounce House Rental Prices.National Average Cost$210Maximum Cost$640Average Range$140 to $2801 more row

What is the age limit for bounce?

At what age can a child enter Bounce without adult supervision? For kids aged 3-5 years, a parent must be with the child at all times. For children up to 12 years old, an adult (not necessarily a parent) in attendance is required.

Can you set up a bounce house on concrete?

A: A bounce house can be set up in many different places on your property. The surface must be mostly flat and relatively firm – grass, concrete, and asphalt are all acceptable.

Does a bounce house use a lot of electricity?

Inflatable bounce house doesn’t require much electricity when using. The power of a bounce house 60 square meters is about 1100W, that is means every 60 square meters (10m*6m) consumes 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity per hour. So, It will cost about $0.1 per hour to run a 60 square meters bounce house.

How does a bouncy castle work?

A bouncy castle or inflatable is manufactured with a large industrial sewing machine and using robust commercial thread which means that the stitching leaves small holes throughout the inflatable. … The fan is then switched on and the air flow is constantly going into the inflatable.

How much is insurance for a bounce house business?

Cost Of General Liability Insurance The average bounce house in America spends between $300-$800 per year for $1 million in general liability coverage.

What is the weight limit on a bounce house?

A typical bounce house will have a max weight limit between 300 lbs to over 1000 lbs depending on the size of the unit. Each bounce house will also have an individual weight limit, meant for each jumper, and a maximum occupancy limit for the amount of jumpers allowed at a time.

Can you put water on a bounce house?

The simple answer is, yes. However, the amount of water depends on the type of bounce house. While all bounce houses require some sort of cleaning, which ultimately gets them wet — it’s important that you know exactly how much water is too much.

Is buying a bounce house worth it?

Bounce houses are great fun for children. They aren’t items you can keep inflated all year round, but they’re perfect for when the weather allows. A lot of the benefits a bounce house provides for children are hidden. Kids are having so much fun they don’t know they’re exercising.

How long does it take to inflate a bounce house?

around 2 minutesHow long does it take to inflate a bounce house? It depends on the size of a bounce house. Regular 13×13 bounce house can take around 2 minutes to inflate while average 18 Ft slide can take up to 4 min.

How do you inflate a bouncy castle?

How do you inflate your bouncy castles?Find some level ground on which to locate the inflatable. … Make sure this land is free of dirt, debris, stones, low-hanging branches, cables, and anything else that could damage the inflatable. … Unroll your bouncy castle so it is completely flat.Attach your blower to the blower tube.Secure the blower in place.More items…

How much do you tip for bounce house set up?

So now that you are a little more aware of what goes into the delivery and pickup process of those fun bounce houses and water slides, lets consider a few things. In the U.S. it is usually customary to tip for services anywhere from 10-15% depending on the level of service.

Can adults go in bounce houses?

Yes, adults can safely jump in most medium to large sized bounce houses without the worry of causing damage. However, some of the smaller bounce houses may not be suitable for adults. With lower weight limits and maximum occupancy limits, the smaller bounce houses weren’t designed for the weight of an adult.

Does a bouncy castle have to be on a flat surface?

A Flat surface: The bouncy castle needs to be set up on a roughly flat surface. It doesn’t need to be perfect but a slope will not work. A Clean Area: The set-up area for the bouncy castle needs to be clean and free of sharp objects (rocks, glass, …).

Can you put a bouncy castle on stones?

As you can see from the picture we can set up a bouncy castle on gravel. As long as its small stone gravel. We can put down a thick tarpaulin sheet and peg through the gravel and supply extra crash mats to around the front step.

How much money does a bounce house business make?

How much profit can an inflatable bounce house business make? Industry research indicates an average of 1.5 rentals per week, which comes out to $188 per week per bounce house. If you invest in 4 bounce houses, your business will draw in about $750 per week.