Do You Tip Bounce House Rental?

How much do you tip a birthday party performer?

Though it is not expected, it is always appreciated and is definitely customary in this industry.

Tipping an entertainer is just like tipping a waiter or waitress; Gratuity is between 15%-20% of your package total is a typical tip amount and is appreciated..

Can Little Tikes Bounce House get wet?

As far as your bounce house goes- most can get wet as long as they are completely dry before deflating. NEVER deflate a wet bounce house. Make sure the blower does not get wet.

How much is insurance for a bounce house?

Cost Of General Liability Insurance The average bounce house in America spends between $300-$800 per year for $1 million in general liability coverage.

Is buying a bounce house worth it?

Bounce houses are great fun for children. They aren’t items you can keep inflated all year round, but they’re perfect for when the weather allows. A lot of the benefits a bounce house provides for children are hidden. Kids are having so much fun they don’t know they’re exercising.

How long does a bounce house last?

3. How long will is last? Personal residential inflatables are usually sold at large retail outlets like Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us and other similar stores….COMMERCIAL.Residential vs. CommercialMATERIALAbout 6 months – 1 yearAbout 3 years – 5 years3mosWARRANTY2yrLimited Warranty, usually about 3 months1.5 to 3 Year Warranty29 more rows

How much does it cost to rent a bounce house near me?

On average, a bounce house rental cost between $30 and $50 per hour. The total bounce house rental cost will typically range from $140 to $280 for a 6-hour rental depending on the bounce house size and duration of the rental. Get free estimates from bounce house retnal companies near you.

Can you pressure wash a bounce house?

Yes, you can pressure wash a bounce house to clean it.

Are bounce houses dirty?

“Children can get staph infections from many surfaces that have staph on them, including from a bounce house just as from wrestling mats, sharing equipment as was seen in football teams, Rathore said.

Can you put a bounce house on concrete?

A: A bounce house can be set up in many different places on your property. The surface must be mostly flat and relatively firm – grass, concrete, and asphalt are all acceptable.

Can adults jump in bounce houses?

Yes, adults can safely jump in most medium to large sized bounce houses without the worry of causing damage. However, some of the smaller bounce houses may not be suitable for adults. With lower weight limits and maximum occupancy limits, the smaller bounce houses weren’t designed for the weight of an adult.

How much is it to rent a jumper?

Take advantage of our PROMOTIONAL PRICES. 10% OFF ALL INFLATABLES (except Water Slides)ItemRental PriceCastle Jumpers$74 $67Fun House Jumper$74 $67Doll House Jumper$74 $67Theme Jumper / Theme Bouncer$82 $7425 more rows

How much does a bounce house weigh?

between 200 and 400 poundsIt goes without saying that bounce house weight increases in lock step with size, but as a general rule, most bounce houses weigh between 200 and 400 pounds.

How much do you tip a bounce house guy?

So Why Should I Tip The Driver? So now that you are a little more aware of what goes into the delivery and pickup process of those fun bounce houses and water slides, lets consider a few things. In the U.S. it is usually customary to tip for services anywhere from 10-15% depending on the level of service.

How do you clean a Little Tikes Bounce House?

How to Clean a Bounce House in 5 Easy StepsVacuum the bounce house.Spray dirty spots with cleaner.Scrub with a soft brush.Rinse and pat dry any leftover cleaner.Dry the bounce house before storing.

How much does it cost to hire a magician for a birthday party?

On average, a professional children’s party magician costs between $200-$250 an hour. However, the price can vary based on your location, the type of service the magician provides, the stage props or equipment included in their act, the number of children at the event, and any associated travel costs.

How much does it cost to rent a character for a party?

Professional costumed characters, on average, charge between $150 – $200 per hour but this range can vary depending on the type of character requested, the quality of their services, and your location.

Can you make money renting bounce houses?

How much profit can an inflatable bounce house business make? Industry research indicates an average of 1.5 rentals per week, which comes out to $188 per week per bounce house. If you invest in 4 bounce houses, your business will draw in about $750 per week.

How much do professional party princesses make?

But at an average of $220 per party, even a proper princess can pull down $40,000 a year, Russell said.